The Haus

What is the Haus?

The Haus is a feature where users can lend their Sneaker to their friends and family members. For every 10 Energy used, users gain the ability to generate a new Activation Code, and can choose to gift Sneakers to a Buddy, or lend Sneakers to a Guest. Users can manage the following within the Haus:

  1. The Invite, Lending & Activation Code System

  2. The Guest Management System

  3. Haus Tier & Crest System

  4. Total Mint Quota Display

Process of inviting a Buddy

When inviting a Buddy, you are GIFTING your Sneakers to them:

  1. Press the "+" next to the Activation Code.

  2. Select the "Invite a Buddy" option.

  3. Add AT LEAST two Sneakers to the Activation Code as gifts.

  4. Send them to your Buddy.

NOTE: By Gifting your Sneakers to your Buddy, you accept to donate the Sneakers and CANNOT retrieve the Sneakers back.

Process of inviting a Guest

You can invite up to 5 Guests. By doing so, you are LENDING your Sneakers and Energy to them, and you can see their status in your Haus:

  1. Press the "+" next to the Activation Code.

  2. Select the "Invite a Guest" option.

  3. Choose a Sneaker to lend to your Guest.

  4. Determine the amount of daily Energy allocated to your Guest (between 2 and 4 Energy).

  5. Decide on the earnings split percentage (between 0% and 100%).

  6. Set the duration (between 2 and 4 weeks).

NOTE: By lending your Sneakers to your Guest, you CAN retrieve the Sneaker at the end of the duration.

Who is the Host and how to become one?

The Host is the owner of a Haus. Users must complete the Haus Quests located at the top right corner of the Home Page to become eligible to set up their own Haus. Once a user establishes their Haus, they can start lending Sneakers and Energy to their Guests.

Haus Rules

Sneaker rule

Guests can ONLY receive Common Sneakers. Buddies can receive ANY Sneaker Quality.

Energy sharing rule

Daily Energy allocated to the Guest comes from the Host's own Energy Pool and will NOT be deducted from their Daily Energy Cap. Each Energy not spent by the Guests will be refunded to the Host afterward.

Earning collection rule

The Host MUST consume a minimum of 2 Energy daily in order to collect earnings from the Haus. Otherwise, the earnings will be sent to the Schadenfreude Pool.

Earning Cap rule

Earnings from Guests DO NOT count towards the Host's Daily Earning Cap.

Duration rule

Neither the Host nor the Guest are allowed to break the bonding until the end of the duration.

Capacity rule

Each Haus can accommodate up to five Guests.

Haus Crest & Quality System

Haus Crest

Depending on the Quality of the user's Haus, different styles of Crests can be selected. The higher the Haus Quality, the more options available. Users also have the option to customise their Crest.

Haus Tier

As members of the Haus use Energy, the Host can level up their Haus to the next tier. With a higher tiered Haus, a more prestigious Haus Crest is displayed, which each member of the Haus can wear, and more perks will be unlocked:

  • Tier 1: Haus

  • Tier 2: Manor

  • Tier 3: Fortress

  • Tier 4: Castle

  • Tier 5: Palace

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