Sneaker Types

There are four Sneaker Types, the faster the Optimal Speed, the higher the return. This applies to earnings with all four Attributes. Below is the comparison of the earnings of different Sneaker Types:


Optimal Speed

Example Return


1 - 6 km/hr



4 - 10 km/hr



8 - 20 km/hr



1 - 20 km/hr

Randomised 90% ~ 110%

NOTE: Earnings can be affected by GPS strength, Fitness Level, and Sneaker Attributes.

NOTE: Information in the table above may be subject to change during the testing phase with short notice.

Trial Sneakers

  • Trial Sneakers will NOT be available until Phase V.

  • Trial Sneakers will be used for promotional giveaways.

  • Trial Sneakers will last for a limited time and will be Soul Bound; they cannot be used after expiration.

  • Trial Sneakers will ONLY earn a limited number of FSL Points, which CANNOT be withdrawn until certain conditions are met.

Genesis Sneakers

STEPN GO will continue to use the Genesis Sneaker System from STEPN: Genesis Sneakers have IDs starting with a "G". STEPN and STEPN GO share one Genesis Sneaker Pool capped at a total supply of 20,000.

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