3D Avatar & Outfit

3D Avatar

The 3D Avatar represents the user in STEPN GO and upcoming FSL products. Users can customise their Avatar's appearance in STEPN GO.

What is an Outfit?

Users can dress up their 3D Avatars by adding Outfits to the designated Outfit slots. Outfits have three different Qualities (Common, Rare & Legendary). Some Outfit comes in individual pieces and some comes in Full Set (8 pieces). There are 8 Types of Outfit:

  • Head Decoration (1/8)

  • Face Decoration (2/8)


  • Upper Cloth (3/8)

  • Upper Body Decoration (4/8)

  • Hand (5/8)

  • Pants (6/8)

  • Lower Body Decoration (7/8)


  • Sneakers (8/8)

Outfits change the Avatar’s visual appearance on the Interactive Map and at the MoonBase. Following is a table of Outfit Quality and the corresponding Special Effect:




Special Effect


Single & Set

1 Free Crafting/Day





Silver Aura




Golden Aura

NOTE: All Single Outfits are Soul-Bound and All Set Outfits are tradable.

Earning Outfit Fragments

Users can earn Outfit Fragments (OF) by walking, jogging, or running with a high Charm value. The higher the Charm value, the higher the Quantity of OF the user will earn.

NOTE: Outfit Fragments are NOT tradable, but Individual Set Outfits or Completed Outfit Sets can be traded on the marketplace.

Outfit Crafting

Common Outfits

Common Outfits are divided into two different categories: the Single Outfits, which stand alone; and the Set Outfits, which form an integrated appearance when a user collects all 8/8 outfits.

To get them, users need to craft their OF:

  1. All Common Outfit Crafting has a 100% success rate.

  2. A fixed amount of OF is burned per Crafting, and the user will receive ONE random type of Common Outfit.

  3. Users can have one free Common Outfit Crafting per day. For additional Common Crafting, users need to burn GGT.

Rare & Legendary Outfits

All Rare and Legendary Outfits are Set Outfits:

  1. For each Rare & Legendary Outfit Crafting, users will receive ONE random type of Rare or Legendary Outfit.

  2. A higher amount of OF is required.

  3. GGT might be burned for EVERY Rare & Legendary Outfit Crafting.

  4. Rare & Legendary Outfit Crafting has a LOW success rate.

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