Prize Draw

Alpha Draw

The Alpha Draw is the exclusive gateway for users to obtain 3 STEPN GO Shoe Boxes, each containing 1 Soul-Bound Sneaker, and providing exclusive access to the Alpha Testing of STEPN GO.

The Alpha Draw is conducted directly within the STEPN GO app and lasts for a 30-day period.

During this time, there are 3 series of 12 Alpha Draw Rounds at specified times and 3 Extra Rounds each day:



Grand Prize

3 x 12 Alpha Draw Rounds

1:00 AM UTC ~ 2:00 AM UTC

9:00 AM UTC ~ 10:00 AM UTC

5:00 PM UTC ~ 6:00 PM UTC

1 winner: 3x Soul-Bound STEPN GO Shoe Boxes

3x Extra Rounds

2:05 AM UTC

10:05 AM UTC

6:05 PM UTC

10 winners: 30x Soul-Bound STEPN GO Shoe Boxes

How to Participate

1. Obtain Tickets:

Time-lock GMT: To enter the Alpha Draw, users must time-lock their GMT until 19th April 2028. Each Ticket requires them to time-lock 5 GMT.

Ticket Limit: Users can obtain a maximum of 10 Tickets per Alpha Draw Round, and a total of 120 Tickets per Extra Round.

Ticket Type: Users will automatically receive TWO Tickets for each 5 GMT time-locked , one Alpha Draw Round Ticket, and one Extra Round Ticket.

NOTE: Those who exploit the rules will be refused the right to claim the Soul-Bound Shoe box.

2. Participate in Alpha Draw Rounds: Enter the Alpha Draw Round: You can choose to enter one individual Alpha Draw Round, or bulk participate.

Enter the Extra Round: You will be automatically enrolled in the Extra Round if you participate in any Alpha Draw Round in the past 12 rounds. Your Extra Round Tickets equal the sum of your past 12 Alpha Draw Round Tickets.

3. Scratch Your Ticket: After each Alpha Round expires, you will be able to scratch that round's Ticket to reveal the Prizes.

When scratching a Ticket, the user will get a chance to win one of the following:

  • One Uncommon Collectible Sticker Set (6 Stickers)

  • One Rare Collectible Sticker Set (12 Stickers)

  • One Epic Collectible Sticker Set (24 Stickers)

  • Three Soul-Bound STEPN GO Shoe Boxes


  • Ticket does NOT guarantee winning NFT Sticker collection.

  • Soul-Bound Shoe Boxes and Soul-Bound Sneakers can't be sold or transferred.

  • Time-locked GMT can't be withdrawn before 19th April 2028.

  • Winning a prize won't affect your amount of time-locked GMT (you will be able to withdraw the entirety of the GMT locked on 19th April 2028, whether you won a prize or not).

Ongoing Prize Draw

The Prize Draw System is not exclusive to the Alpha stage. At later stages, various prizes may be drawn from time to time.

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