New Mechanics Summary

Following is a list of the new mechanics on STEPN GO:

  1. Introduction of a new token: GGT.

  2. Introduction of two new Attributes: Charm and Karma.

  3. Energy Generation & Energy Cap increase require Sneaker burning.

  4. Sneakers' Max Level ranges from level 20 to level 60.

  5. Introduction of Sneaker Lending feature: The Haus.

  6. Introduction of a customisable 3D Avatar and the ability to dress it up with Outfits.

  7. Introduction of Web3 Social feature: The Interactive Map.

  8. Mystery Boxes drop Raw Stones, that can be upgraded and cut into Gems.

  9. Introduction of Schadenfreude Pool and PvP Leaderboard.

  10. Introduction of Fitness Levels, encouraging regular use of STEPN GO.

  11. Sneaker minting requires both left and right foot Sneakers, and Mint Quota.

  12. Registration to STEPN GO requires FSL ID. Playing STEPN GO requires Activation Code.

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