Schadenfreude Pool & PvP

Schadenfreude Pool

The Schadenfreude Pool accumulates earnings from the following sources:

  1. All of frozen earnings from accounts flagged for cheating (The DEX automatically converts GGT to GMT).

  2. All of the reduced earnings from PAPER FEET (The DEX automatically converts GGT to GMT).

  3. All of the reduced Host earnings for failing to meet the minimum requirement of using 2 Energy per day (The DEX automatically converts GGT to GMT).

  4. GMT in the Decentralised Liquidity Pool.

PvP & Leaderboard

In PvP, users compete against each other to earn from the Schadenfreude Pool. To have a chance at earning, users must move using Sneakers with high Karma.

Earnings are not settled immediately after a running session ends. Instead, users are placed on a Leaderboard, and earnings are distributed at the end of the day (between UTC 00:00 and UTC 01:00) based on their rankings. Users must rank above a certain threshold to qualify for earnings. The higher a user's position on the Leaderboard, the greater the percentage of earnings they receive.

Users can view the Sneakers and nationalities of the 10 players ranked immediately above and below them on the Leaderboard.

NOTE: There is NO Earning Cap for GMT.

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