GGT Earning

How to earn GGT?

When users move outdoors with their NFT Sneakers, they can chose to earn GGT by pressing the corresponding toggle.

What affects GGT Earnings?

GGT earnings are affected by the following factors:

  1. Sneaker Type, Level, Efficiency Attribute value, Quality.

  2. Efficiency Gem Level and corresponding Socket Quality.

  3. Energy consumed.

  4. Fitness Level.

How to increase the Daily Earning Cap?

  • Users begin with a 5/5 Daily GGT Cap.

  • The cap peaks at 300/300 GGT.

  • The Daily Token Cap can be increased by levelling up Sneakers.

  • Users can permanently increase the GGT cap beyond 300/300 by burning Gems. The system will calculate automatically the GGT cap can increase once the user selects the Gems to burn.

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