FSL ID & The MoonBase

What is FSL ID?

FSL ID uses the email as users’ login for their wallet address. There is no need for users to back up their wallet seed phrases, as they are saved in the their Apple or Google cloud account upon FSL ID registration.

FSL ID is used as the sole registration gateway for STEPN GO. FSL ID will be adapted to all FSL products and those of FSL Ecosystem partners in the future for an seamless login experience.

FSL ID aims to be the biggest Web3 Universal Login and Loyalty Program, portraying the holders' social status, and continuously provide value to the holder.

What is the FSL Badge?

Users who successfully register with FSL ID will receive an FSL Badge. The Badge records users’ spending across all FSL products. With the Badge, users can accumulate FSL Points or receive airdrops from FSL Badge Gated Events.

NOTE: Users can choose to import their seed phrase into any wallet and access their FSL Badge in any wallet.

What are FSL Points?

FSL Points are the Loyalty Program for participants in the FSL Ecosystem. An FSL Point can be redeemed at a 1:1 ratio for GMT, or spent within the FSL Ecosystem, to participate in events and buy from the Merch Shop.

FSL Points Earnings in STEPN GO

All of the Marketplace's Platform Fee (2%) spent by the user will be distributed to the users in the form of FSL Points.

The MoonBase

The MoonBase aims to be the first Web3 VR/AR Social Platform, its access will be gated by the FSL ID and FSL Badge. At the MoonBase, users can create their own 3D Avatars. STEPN GO users can mirror their STEPN GO 3D Avatars & Outfits to the MoonBase.

Users can use VR/AR gear such as the Apple Vision Pro to access the MoonBase.

The MoonBase will start with three main infrastructures:

  • Moon Club

  • Space Bazaar

  • Lunar Lounge

More details about The MoonBase will be disclosed during the STEPN GO monthly Town Hall once the total distance travelled by users on STEPN GO reaches 384,400 km (distance between Earth and the moon).

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