Game Token: GGT (Go Game Token)

Governance Token: GMT (Green Metaverse Token)


GGT stands for GO GAME TOKEN. It has an unlimited supply and is earned by users when they move outdoors. The earning of GGT is linked to the Efficiency Attribute.

Note: GGT in the Alpha Testing Stage does not have Contract Address. GGT Contract Address will be published here from Beta Testing Stage.

What is the utility of GGT?

Users can burn GGT in app to unlock the following functions:

  1. Mint Sneaker

  2. Level up Sneaker

  3. Level up Raw Stone

  4. Unlock Socket

  5. Remove Gem from Socket

  6. Boost Mystery Box

  7. Outfit Crafting

  8. Start or register to attend an Event on the Interactive Map

  9. Shuffle Socket Type & Quality

GGT Burning Schedule

Users' GGT consumption within the STEPN GO app will be burned on daily basis.


The GMT was minted at the Token Generation Event (TGE), with a total of 6,000,000,000 minted on 9th March 2022. Following are the contract addresses of GMT:




GMT on Polygon:

What is the utility of GMT?

In STEPN GO, GMT is utilised in various key activities, including:

  • Level up Sneakers

  • Level up Raw Stone

  • Increase Mystery Box Slots

In STEPN, GMT is burned when people use it for in-app consumption, approximately 652 million GMT has been burned by users in STEPN by the time we are writing this. For detail, please visit:

GMT is utilised in other FSL products such as Gas Hero and MOOAR, for more details, please visit:

How to earn GMT?

GMT earning is currently ONLY available in STEPN.

GMT earning in STEPN GO will open up in the form of Schadenfreude Pool at STEPN GO Phase IV.

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