Fitness Level

Fitness Level

Each user undergoes a 14-day fitness journey that mimics real-life fluctuations in terms of GGT, Mystery Boxes, PvP, and Item Fragment Earnings. The purpose of this Fitness Level system is to encourage consistent outdoor exercise by rewarding active users and motivating inactive users to become more active.

Special Effects

As users engage in their 14-day fitness journey, they will experience varying special effects following the order of: SOFT FEET -> SORE FEET -> STRONG FEET. The detail of these special effects are outlined below:

  1. SOFT FEET (100% Earnings): This stage marks the beginning of the user experience, where fresh users or those returning from inactivity start. The user will progress through the fitness journey by using at least 2 Energy each day.

  2. SORE FEET (50% to 150% Earnings): After progressing for a few days, the user will experience a reduction in earnings, decreasing to as low as 50%. However, if they continue to progress, their earnings will increase to 150%.

  3. STRONG FEET (150% Earnings): By the 14th day of using 2 Energy each day, the user will reach the STRONG FEET stage and earn 150%. They will maintain the STRONG FEET status as long as they consume more than 2 Energies in one day every 5 days, otherwise they will start to regress back to SORE FEET.

There are two extreme special effects:

  1. PAPER FEET: If a user is inactive for more than 60 consecutive days, they will receive the PAPER FEET effect, which results in a 90% reduction in earnings. This 90% reduction in earnings will go directly into the Schadenfreude Pool. To revert to the SOFT FEET status, the user must use 120 Energy in 30 days. While under the PAPER FEET effect, they cannot sell or transfer any assets until the effect is lifted.

  2. DIAMOND FEET: If a user remains active and uses 2 Energy daily for 1,000 days without Fitness Level regression, they will receive a permanent DIAMOND FEET effect. This effect exempts the user from the PAPER FEET, SORE FEET, and SOFT FEET effects, providing a significant long-term incentive for consistent activity.

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