Marketplace & DEX

What is the Marketplace?

STEPN GO uses a Decentralised Marketplace, where users can buy and sell items such as Sneakers, Shoe boxes, Individual Set Outfit/Completed Outfit Set, Raw Stones, and Gems.

How to list items on the Marketplace?

To list items on the Decentralised Marketplace, users can go to their inventory and select the "List" option to put items up for sale.

NOTE: It is important to ensure the price set for the item is accurate.

Marketplace fee structure

The Decentralised Marketplace charges the following fees:

  1. Platform fee: 2%

  2. Royalty fee: 4%


DEX provides GGT/GMT trading pairs and liquidity.

Decentralized Liquidity Pool

A Decentralised Liquidity Pool will exist for limited time to provide liquidity within STEPN GO. All proceeds from the Decentralized Liquidity Pool will be sent to the Schadenfreude Pool periodically.

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